Microsoft already allows you to identify feelings on faces

Microsoft has just announced several new features in its Project Oxford, a project that works on learning tools available to API-based programmers.

Now they have included a new API that can identify emotions on the faces of people that appear in the images that we indicate, as can be seen in the screenshot above. It is capable of detecting anger, surprise, happiness, sadness … various functions that will help future image recognition applications.

On the same project website we can see other APIs, such as the one that can recognize what we speak and pronounce words from texts.

Since Microsoft introduced this project in April, we have already seen several demonstrations of what it can do, from the application that guesses our age from a photo to the one that detects whiskers. They comment on VentureBeat that they are now even able to classify photos and divide them into up to 1000 categories (landscapes, dogs, skies, etc.), making them a good alternative to those already offered by Google.

Yesterday we saw how a robot was able to identify products from the supermarket to warn when any are missing, or to tell if there is an error in the prices. It is clear that advancing in this type of technology can help a lot to eliminate monotonous jobs and to be able to concentrate on something more pleasant for the human being.

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