Microsoft and Facebook will create the largest capacity submarine cable between the US and Bilbao

Microsoft and Facebook will create the largest capacity submarine cable between the US and Bilbao

Two giants like Microsoft and Facebook come together to build higher capacity submarine cable than cross the Atlantic, between Virginia and Bilbao.

We live in a connected world and we are increasingly forgetting about cables. We have high-speed wireless connections, wireless charging and little by little the cables are disappearing from homes, however, there are cables that are necessary and that not everyone knows about their existence.

They are the submarine cables. Yes, there are cables under the ocean that connect the continents through thousands of kilometers of interocenic cables fiber optic and copper.They are located on the seabed and are essential for communications.

A 6,600 kilometer submarine cable from Microsoft and Facebook

To get an idea, there are more than 1 billion kilometers of submarine cables on our planet, which have been adding up since the one that united Ireland and Newfoundland began operating in 1866. Now two of the largest companies in the world join in the MAREA Project: to build the largest capacity submarine cable that has ever been created and Spain has a part involved in it.

We clients demand reliable and high speed connectionsso Microsoft and Facebook They have set to work to give us a solution that improves their services and connections. MAREA is an underwater cable that will have a total length of 6,600 kilometers, a cable with eight pairs of fiber that can move no less than 160Tbps (terabits per second)That is, a speed 16 million times faster than a common home connection.

Speeds of 160terabits per second

Therefore, both Microsoft and Facebook are proud to announce that it will be the highest capacity transatlantic cable to date. And what does Spain paint in the MAREA project?Our pas plays a fundamental role because we are one of the ends of the cable.

Specifically, the MAREA cableconnect Virginia Beach (Virginia) with Bilbao (directly to Sopelana), and from there it will take data centers across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Therefore, it is also the submarine cable that connects the United States with southern Europe.

What will the MAREA cable between Virginia and Bilbao be used for?


The MAREA construction project has a clear objective: to improve the experience of millions of users in this part of the planet with the services of Microsot and Facebook, that is, improve the connectivity of services such as Bing, Office 365, Skype, Xbox Live or Microsoft Azure.

Therefore, it is an investment in infrastructure for the future, to continue advancing in cloud computing. The company in charge of operating the MAREA cable connection will be Telxius, A telecommunications company from Telefnica who will be the administrator of the system.

The construction of the MAREA cable begins this August 2016 and it is estimated that it is finished in october 2017.

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