Microsoft and Google will withdraw many of the legal claims they have between them

In re / code they have published an article indicating the end of many of the legal battles between Microsoft and Google, processes that consume energy and money that could be used to advance the technological development of both companies.

They will thus withdraw the pending regulatory complaints that they have among themselves around the world and will begin to work together to solve the problems that may appear between the companies before bringing regulatory bodies through.

Thus, their priorities change, as Microsoft reported, they want to continue competing, but with quality products, not with judicial processes.

This agreement occurs just when European regulators accuse Google of abusing its position in the Android market, but apparently it has no relationship with one another, since the pact between Google and Microsoft has been chewing for longer.

The current CEOs, Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella, want to have a more cordial relationship than Steve Ballmer and Eric Schmidt, two much more aggressive directors in all aspects. Recall that Nadella has already opened Microsoft's mobiles to adopt other operating systems, something that Ballmer surely would never have done.

Last September, Microsoft dropped several patent lawsuits against Google, although patent lawsuits by Android-based hardware manufacturers remain active.

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