Microsoft closes Mixer and partners with Facebook Gaming

The Microsoft team announced that it was shutting down Mixer, the streaming service that was seeking to compete with YouTube and Twitch.

More than three years ago, this Microsoft proposal was launched, which failed to take off and postulate itself as a competition against users. And remember that last year, Mixer lost its two co-founders, as they left Microsoft to focus on new projects.

And now, it comes to an end with an unexpected twist. There is already a closing date for Mixer, next July 22. What about the Mixer communities? Microsoft announced that it will transition to Facebook Gaming, thanks to a partnership with Facebook.

This transition will take place over the next few weeks to get everything ready for closing. So you will see that all the apps and sites related to Mixer will direct you to the new home, Facebook Gaming. Microsoft has also clarified a number of points about what this transition will mean for Mixer partners and engaged users.

He clarifies that they will not have to start from scratch on Facebook Gaming, but will maintain the status or similar positions, taking into account the dynamics of the new platform. For example, those streamers who were already participating in Mixer’s monetization program will also be eligible to take advantage of Facebook Gaming’s system to monetize their broadcasts. And there are also some bonuses for those who are part of this transition, whether they are members or spectators, by following the communities in their new stage on Facebook Gaming.

Microsoft can simply shut down Mixer, as selling it or investing more money doesn’t seem like a good option, but a strategy behind this decision is revealed. There will be more partnerships between Microsoft and Facebook in the future as it hopes to integrate Project xCloud, its next gaming service, directly into Facebook Gaming, as mentioned by the head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, in The Verge.

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