Microsoft Edge already has an Android and iOS app

The Preview version of Microsoft Edge is now available for iOS and Android, as can be seen on the official page of the company.

It is an app reserved for the moment for Windows Insider users, so they can test it knowing that there are errors, nothing that can compete at the moment with the stable browsers of the competition on said platforms.

Among its outstanding features, they comment on the Hub, a function that allows you to organize the web, facilitate search and view content from anywhere. A few hours ago we talked about the launch of your new android launcher, and this function is closely related to that philosophy.

The connection between the two platforms is one of the company's priorities, which presents it as follows:

From PC to mobile, you can seamlessly browse through your devices, while your information syncs in the background. Go anywhere and continue where you left off by easily moving content between your mobile device and your Windows 10 PC. Your passwords and bookmarks are synced across your devices so your browser is always personalized for you.

Both favorites, reading list, history and books will be available on our account, independent of the platform, so jumping from mobile to PC browser (Edge) will be easy.

They also comment on the Reading View function, which allows rearranging the content of a web page to facilitate the focus of what is being read.

It has a built-in QR code reader for information at the touch of a button, voice search to use the web in more familiar ways, and InPrivate Mode to keep your browsing data private.

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