Microsoft Edge now helps us detect fake news from mobile

Microsoft Edge received an interesting update in its mobile app, which helps us identify reliable sources.

Microsoft's web browser now integrates NewsGuard on iOS and Android, without the need to install any add-ons or extra options. We just have to activate it from the Settings, and it will automatically show your news classification dynamics in the address bar.

When we search for a site or web pages, either through the search engine or with links from other social media, we will have extra help when determining if the news source is reliable.

If the website is trustworthy, the NewsGuard indicator will show green, along with a message saying

This website normally maintains basic standards of accuracy and accountability.

And, if we want to have more details about the criteria that were used to reach that conclusion, we just have to select to see the complete label. On the other hand, if the website is not reliable, another rating will be used, along with the color red, so that the user uses caution when consulting it.

If the website we visit has not yet been reviewed by the NewsGuard team, then we would suggest that we submit the site for review. A simple dynamic, to stay away from fake news and unreliable websites.

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