Microsoft Edge will inform you if your password has been compromised

Microsoft Edge is testing a feature that has long been available in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The web browser already has its own system to save user passwords, but now it wants to take a step by warning if some of them have been compromised.

At the moment, this function is only available in the Canary and Dev versions of Microsoft Edge, but we can already know what its dynamics will be like. Once this option is enabled, Edge will check if the saved passwords are secure or have suffered some kind of vulnerability.

To do this, it checks the passwords with a database of credentials that have been compromised, and when it detects that one of them has been compromised, it adds a warning to the password manager. It shows a red alert along with a text alerting that the password has been filtered and the suggestion to change it.

Another option to view this information is found in the Password Monitor section, where the filtered passwords are detailed in a list and the omitted alerts are detailed in another. To test this feature in Microsoft Edge Canary or Dev it is necessary to enable Show alerts when passwords are found in an online leak, under Profiles >> Passwords. And of course, you need to log in with our Microsoft account.

It’s a simple dynamic that can serve as an extra help to keep accounts secure without having to continually monitor whether our passwords have been leaked on the web. At the moment, this new feature is still in the experimental channels of Microsoft Edge, so we will have to wait until it is released in a future stable version.

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