Microsoft FlexCase, a smart mobile case with flexible screen, electronics and multipurpose

Imagine that your mobile phone case not only protected it from scratches and drops but could also be used as a second multi-purpose display: keyboard, clipboard, extended display, extra movement controls including zoom and rotations, etc. Now consider that the case is made up of a low consumption electronic ink screen, it is tactile and so flexible and sensitive that when you bend one of its corners, an action is carried out on the mobile.

That is the essence of the FlexCase project that Microsoft and the Austrian University of Applied Sciences are jointly developing. This is a brilliant type smart case Flip Cover with a 4-inch electronic ink screen, multiple electrical sensors to understand the pulsations and folds of the screen, and special modes to extend the functionalities of the phone.

In the latter, the Book mode, to scroll through the readings and take advantage of the clipboard, the Laptop mode, to convert the case into a keyboard that does not sacrifice the space of the main screen of the mobile, and a Rear Modeto control volume, player and other apps in the background physically and virtually.

Of course, the doubts are clarified when watching your presentation video where examples of how practical it is to use reading, maps, reservations, news and shopping applications are shown. Incidentally, it is hardly a project but its official presentation is already scheduled at the conference Computer-Human Interaction to be held next month.

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