Microsoft Forms adds a new feature that makes it easy to share surveys

Microsoft Forms is adding a new option that makes it easy to share the forms or questionnaires that are created with its editor.

This new dynamic will save us time and have to resort to third-party applications.

New option to share Microsoft Forms forms

Microsoft Forms is one of the most comprehensive options for creating surveys, forms, or questionnaires. We can create them from a template and personalize it with colors, new fields and different details. And then we can see all the collected data in an Excel file.

So it becomes an excellent tool to create educational content to share with students, marketing resources to collect feedback from our audience, or simply to share games or tasks with friends or family.

Recall that Microsoft Forms stopped being an exclusive tool for business or educational plans, since it was opened for free for personal use. Now Microsoft is adding a new option that makes it easy to share the forms or questionnaires that we create with this tool. Instead of dealing with a long, hard-to-remember URL, Microsoft lets you shorten links.

An option that is already being gradually implemented to all users. To perform this action and shorten the URL, the user only has to check the option from the same Share window of the form when we select Send. First, see the full URL of the form and then the option to enable Shorten URL. If we don’t select this option, Microsoft Forms will just use the long URL by default.

No matter which option you want to use, the dynamics are the same, the URL can be shared by any application or web service. It is simple and practical. Although we can use many online resources that allow us to shorten URLs, having this option integrated into the same service saves us a step and facilitates the process.

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