Microsoft has a new notification system for your web browser

Microsoft is optimizing its web browser with user needs in mind. In one of the new versions, it has focused on the dynamics of notifications so that they do not cause annoyance to users.

And for this, Microsoft implements a dynamic similar to Google Chrome, which gives users the ability to have silent notifications.

This new dynamic can already be tested in version 84 of Microsoft Edge. If we go to Settings >> Site permission >> Notifications, we will find a new option: Silent notification requests. An option that we can activate with a simple click. In this way, the web browser blocks notifications on all websites you visit, unless you enable individual permissions.

Once you do this, the content of notifications or any kind of pop-up window will no longer be displayed. You will only see the notification bell alerting that the website has some type of warning, but with the blocking option, as you see in the image:

If you want that website to show notifications (for example, calendar notifications) you can ring the notification bell to cancel the block and give the necessary permissions. This option is enabled by default in Microsoft Edge as a way to protect users from accidental notifications.

But if you want, you can deactivate this new option so that all websites show notifications without any type of blocking. It is a small update, but it can make a difference to those users who spend hours browsing the Internet as part of their work or studies.

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