Microsoft improves the quality of its translation service in its latest update

A new update to Microsoft's translation service now enables better quality Chinese and German translations to and from English, according to the company in a statement.

It points out that the improvement of the quality of the translations carried out in the indicated languages ​​reaches up to 11% compared to those carried out with the previous API. Behind this advance in quality lies the advances in research that have led to next-generation and dual-learning neural network architectures, now available in the new API.

Microsoft is committed to bringing improvement in the quality of translations into other languages throughout this next year 2019, although it has not defined which are the languages ​​that will benefit from it.

Improving the quality of Chinese and German translations to and from English is already available in all applications, Plugins, Office, Microsoft Translator Bing Translator and through the translations API for Azure cognitive services for companies and developers.

Although the translations could still be less than perfect, it is still an interesting advance in one sector, that of online machine translations, dominated by Google, despite the fact that there has been a rival for a long time, DeepL, which promises to offer translations better than Microsoft and Google.

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