Microsoft introduces new webcam as well as other accessories compatible with Teams

Microsoft has wanted to complement the rise of Teams in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic with the presentation of some hardware accessories, highlighting the first webcam that the company launches after about ten years without news in this regard.

By way of context, the company’s intention to launch a new model of web camera to its product portfolio has been rumored for years, a launch that has now just materialized, although it is far from the features that more than one would want in the present time.

Devices with Teams as the central hub

In this sense, Microsoft Modern Webcam It is a basic webcam that is capable of offering HDR images up to 1080p at 30fps, which also includes a shutter tab and an LED indicator, and must be connected to any computer via a standard USB-A connector.

It also has a 78-degree field of view, autofocus, lighting adjustments, and facial retouching features. Its official price will be about $ 69.99, expected to hit stores during the month of June.

The list of new features also includes a USB-C speaker, the Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker, also specially oriented to meetings in Teams, which integrates omni-directional microphones and support for noise cancellation to capture higher quality audio, carrying the buttons for the usual actions located on the top of the device, and which will also arrive in the month of October. June at the price of $ 99.99.

The list goes on with the two new headsets certified for Teams, with a dedicated button. On one side is the Microsoft Modern Wireless (pictured above), a wireless headset that includes its own USB-A wireless adapter to work with Teams functions, which also includes padded ear cups, noise-canceling microphone, on-ear controls, as well as a range of up to 50 hours of listening to music, or 30 hours when working with Teams, which must be fully charged in two and a half hours.

At the moment there is no price but it will come out in June in select markets. And furthermore he also presented the Microsoft Modern USB Headset as an option for those who prefer wired headphones, which should be connected to the computer via USB-A and arrive in June at $ 49.99, for business and educational customers.

In addition to these four devices, Microsoft has also introduced the new range of productivity notebooks Surface Laptop 4 and the new wireless headset for business and education Surface Headphones 2 Plus, which also has certification (and button) for Teams, something that Microsoft It is intended to be a household item, available today at the price of $ 299.99 in select markets.

Image credit: Microsoft

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