Microsoft launches a free platform to manage social campaigns

Digital Marketing Center is a free platform that aims to help SMEs manage their digital marketing strategy.

This platform was born as a Microsoft Garage project and has an interesting combination of tools to manage different social platforms from the same place. And it has the plus of harnessing the potential of Microsoft’s AI.

It tries to accompany companies in all phases of their digital strategy, thus offering functions to be used in different contexts. For example, it allows you to monitor social campaigns on multiple platforms and profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, among others.

It allows you to create content, publish it and encourage interaction with your audience from the same platform. And of course, it creates different metrics to monitor the different channels and measure the success of the campaign.

It also uses AI to help the company set campaign goals, segment ads, manage budget, and more.

Depending on the dynamics that the company wants to apply, it can use all the platform options automatically, customize them or simply use them as suggestions. Although there are many options and functions that it offers, it has an easy system to follow according to the objectives of each company.

Companies can use this platform for free to manage their online presence, although it also seems to implement some payment options. At the moment, this platform is not working as it is still in beta.

Microsoft is about to start a pilot test with a small group of companies, so it will have to wait until it is open to everyone.

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