Microsoft Office Debuts New Design and Better Search Features

The Microsoft team wants to give a new look to Microsoft Office, so they have added some interesting changes to adapt it to Fluent Design.

For example, you will notice that the different applications of the Office package will be renewed with new icons and some touches of color, to give a more modern and minimalist appearance. In the case of icons, they will arrive first in the web versions of the app, and then they will be extended to the desktop.

In addition, different design details have been taken into account so that the appearance is correct on any screen that the user is using. They have also taken special interest in presenting a design that allows users to have control over the work dynamics that proposes the app you use.

For example, the toolbar has been modified so that users can collapse or expand it at their discretion. In this way, they will have more space in the app they are using when they do not need to have all the menu options visible.

Search options have also improved, as they have summed up the potential of artificial intelligence, to give context to user queries. So, the user will receive search suggestions based on what they think they are looking for, saving them time and click to find the content they need.

All these changes will apply in the coming months, in Office 365 and

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