Microsoft Outlook adds a series of new features to plan events and organize calendars

Outlook is adding a series of new features on almost all its platforms. These new features are intended to help users organize their agendas and events.

One of the most important novelties thought for Microsoft 365 users is the possibility of integrating personal Outlook and Google Calendar calendars in their work account. That way, they will be able to see the commitments and activities scheduled in their different calendars in the same place.

A dynamic that is complemented by a mini calendar in the inbox of Outlook emails for quick consultations. Other features are focused on the information that users need to participate in an event or virtual meeting, for example, Outlook on the web will now display all the details of the video call directly in the inbox.

And it not only includes basic data such as date and time, as it also adds information about the responses of the attendees, details of the meeting, invited people, among others. On the other hand, moving on to the updates that come to iOS and Android, we find some options that make it easier to carry out the usual work activities from home.

For example, iOS users will find a new option to create a task from email. And in Android, a shortcut is added to start a scheduled video call in Zoom with a single touch from the event card.

And a bonus for Android users is that they can attach the necessary documents for the meeting in the event details. It seems like a small update, but it will save you time and headaches at the last minute.

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