Microsoft Outlook will add a feature that will save you from any unforeseen event

Microsoft is preparing a feature in Outlook to test for unforeseen or distracted users.

If you’ve ever had multiple tabs open in Outlook and you’ve run out of internet or your computer crashed, you’ll know how frustrating it is to log back in and remember where you left off. This situation will be solved in one of the next Outlook updates.

Microsoft wants to implement a dynamic similar to that used by web browsers when users abruptly interrupt web browsing. They automatically save the open pages so that they are available the next time the user resumes their browsing session.

And that same system will apply Outlook, since it will remember the last session of the user. So if you have several open emails pending to reply or were checking account settings when your previous session was closed, don’t worry, it will be restored as you left it.

As you can see in the image, the user will see a message when entering their Outlook account asking if they want to reopen the items opened in the last session.

If you are not interested in retrieving that information, you can close the window. This option will be set as the default, but users can disable it from the account settings. It seems like a small detail, but it can save us time and a lot of headaches.

This new option is currently being tested in the Office Insider beta along with other Excel-friendly features that make it easy to work collaboratively on a document.

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