Microsoft partners with Pickit to renew Office default image gallery

Microsoft has partnered with Swedish image bank Pickit ( to renew the catalog of default images – the old acquaintances.clipart– present in Office applications, including Office 365.

Pickit already offers a plugin for Word, Sway and PowerPoint that integrates its store as an instant search engine in a new panel within said office software, in fact, it even already offers an app for Windows 10, but the idea is to promote official integration thanks to the new I associate in such a way that it fulfills its purpose of providing fast and efficient searches for high-quality images, enabling the immediate use and respect of the rights of its creators.

So very soon the new Pickit panel should be seen by default within Office, a side panel that gives access to photos from a wide community of professionals. Search using keywords and categories, thematic collections and manually curated by the team, inserting images from the results to the body of the documents with just drag and drop and photomissions to request more personalized searches are some of the best features already offered by Pickit .

Of course, not only are there photographs, there are also icons and general images designed with the highest quality.

More information: Pickit official blog

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