Microsoft presents Windows 10, the new version of the operating system is now official

This is what you will lose when upgrading to Windows 10

Today we had an appointment with Microsoft, An event in which the great company would present its new version of Windows, the operating system that has given it so much joy. The move from Windows 7 to Windows 8 was remarkable, although with 8.1 they straightened some things and now with the expected Windows 9 they would finish finally close its ecosystem.

Wait a minute, Windows 9 – that’s what we expected, however Microsoft has surprised everyone and the new version of their system is Windows 10.

Windows 10, the new from Microsoft

The event started with Terry Myerson sticking out his chest, no less than 1.5 billion people use Windows as their operating system. With Windows 10 want to get all platforms unified, that the device you are using Windows is not important, be it smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or any other, they want to make the user experience not change.

As they themselves have said: a family of products, a platform, an app / program storeIn Windows 10 an old acquaintance returns, the start menu, there we will have access to applications, programs, folders, options and a series of tilesthat we can fix. All with an aesthetic that mixes details of Windows 8, with Windows 7, a step back that was necessary.

In that same menu there is also access to the search, a feature that has been improved and enhanced. Themultitask You receive a new view, in which all the programs and folders open at that moment are shown, being able to switch between them with ease, something that we have already seen in other systems such as MacOS or ChromeOS itself.

One of the elements that was expected to disappear from Windows 10 due to its confusing usefulness in past versions was the bar. Charm side. However it has not and is still present.For its part, the home screen, where all the tools are located, is also redesigned, offering more information and quick access to other areas of the system.

Final version of Windows 10 in 2015

Microsoft has announced that the final version of Windows 10 hit the market in late 2015, although the first versions Preview They will be available from tomorrow and there will be a public beta program. During that time, they have stated that they will be very attentive to the recommendations of the users and will take into account the opinions to make the necessary changes. What do you think?

Update: Windows 10 Preview Now Available

As Windows promised, on October 1 the Windows 10 preview version available for all who want to try it. You can download the ISO from the web that they have enabled, that s the languages ​​currently supported are EnglishUS, UK, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese.

With your Microsoft account, you will be assigned a Key that you can use to download any version of Windows 10 Preview. Yes, before you start installing like crazy, keep in mind that it is a premature version, it can contain bugs, bugs and is unstable, the ideal is to put it in a partition or virtual machine. Here you have help from Microsoft and data to take into account before updating, what is preserved if you come from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 and others, It does not hurt to keep an eye on it.

Download Microsoft Windows 10 Preview

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