Microsoft releases new features for PowerPoint to help you speak in public

PowerPoint Presenter Coach is one of the tools Microsoft offers to help users improve their presentation using the app.

This tool uses artificial intelligence to provide tips for improving speaking and vocabulary in a dissertation. Microsoft is now extending this dynamic to more platforms and adding more features to Presenter Coach.

This is how Presenter Coach works in PowerPoint

Once you finish your PowerPoint presentation, you can use this tool, as if it were a virtual trainer, to test the effectiveness of your dissertation. Every time you finish an essay, Presenter Coach gives you a series of suggestions, for example, if your speech is monotonous, if you need to replace words, if your presentation has a lot of filler text, among other tips.

And now more functions are added to these tools. For example, the user can take advantage of the camera of the equipment so that this assistant can give him a series of advice on his posture in front of the audience. It can tell you if you are too close to the camera, if the audience can have a clear image of your face, among other tips. All these recommendations are presented in a report at the end of the trial.

On the other hand, following the advice related to speaking, this tool will also tell users if they have repetitive language and suggest a series of synonyms to replace those words that become fillers.

And as a plus, for users to make sure that the pronunciation is correct, PowerPoint Presenter Coach can also help them in this regard by indicating if they need to improve. At the moment, this feature is only available in English.

All the new features are available for PowerPoint on the web version, but the rest of the options we mentioned are already available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. An excellent option to improve your presentations along with other applications for PowerPoint that have become essential.

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