Microsoft stops manufacturing the Xbox 360

Microsoft has just reached out to the Xbox 360 user community to inform them that they are no longer going to manufacture any more units for this console, although it will maintain the services and support for the current users for the time being. He points to the revolution that Xbox 360 has brought about over the ten years of its existence, redefining a whole generation of games at Microsoft.

He points out that with the Xbox 360, 78 billion hours have been played, close to 486 billion scores in 27 billion achievements and 25 billion hours invested in applications throughout its history. Speaking of achievement, it was last November when the Xbox 360 turned ten years old since its launch. With all this, from Microsoft thanks the community of this console for all the passion put into it.Existing units in each country will continue to be on sale until they are sold out, and the same will happen with accessories and games. The current owners of the Xbox 360 will continue to receive the services of Xbox Live as before, being able to play their favorite games, and those who wish to switch to the Xbox One will be able to continue playing their favorite games thanks to the availability of Xbox games. 360 compatible with Xbox One at no additional cost.

The reason for the cessation of manufacturing of the Xbox 360 is, according to the company, because its manufacture is becoming a drag due to its 10-year-old age. In this way, the company will no longer put more units on the market, waiting for the available units to run out and to focus its resources on more current products.

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