Microsoft Teams adds new functions in its free version

Microsoft Teams continues to add features that improve the dynamics of communication and teamwork.

This new update benefits users with free accounts with two new features that make it easy to schedule virtual meetings.

One of the new features allows users to schedule Zoom-style meetings with the option of sending an invitation to participants using different means or simply by sharing the link. So they no longer need to use another tool to schedule meetings and ensure that all participants are informed and have the corresponding data.

Another feature added with this update is the ability to enable real-time captions for meetings or video calls. Microsoft Teams will identify who is speaking and automatically add captions to the bottom of the screen so that it is visible to all participants.

At the moment, this option is only available in English for users in the United States. Along with this announcement for users with free accounts, Microsoft also mentioned the long-awaited custom funds option with more options and simpler dynamics.

Background blur and some images designed by the Microsoft team for use in video calls were already available, and now users can upload their own images or draw on some of Microsoft’s wallpaper collections, for example, this collection of wallpapers. Xbox.

A simple and practical way to replace the classic library image that almost always appears in video calls. Just a few clicks and you will have the background you want for your next video call.

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