Microsoft Teams already shows its functions for personal use on iOS and Android

Microsoft has already announced the preliminary version of Microsoft Teams for personal use, showing some of the features that this proposal brings.

The idea behind this version of Microsoft Teams is that users have a complete option for their daily use, such as communicating with their family and friends or planning activities with their contact groups.

It does this by combining some of the most popular features of collaborative and messaging services. In addition to the chat and video calling options, Microsoft Teams for personal use has functions to share calendars, tasks, lists and even location within a group of contacts.

That is, all the tools that are needed for users to plan activities with their friends, organize their schedules with their family members, plan events, etc. Of course, it can not only be used in a family or friends context, it can also be useful to coordinate activities with other types of groups, such as school, reading group, some hobby, sports, etc.

This is how Microsoft wants to make a difference: an app that not only serves to chat, but also allows monitoring of all daily activities outside of work.

One of the details that the Microsoft team has taken into account is to offer a simple dynamic for users to connect in their app and have all the personal functions at their disposal. So you just need to log in with a Microsoft account and choose the personal option, as you see in the image.

The first Microsoft Teams features for personal use (in preview) on mobile are already starting to roll out on iOS and Android, although the process will take a week.

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