Microsoft Teams will add translation and transcription functions

A year has passed since the launch of Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft does not want to miss the opportunity of this anniversary, to announce the upcoming news.

It announced a series of functions, which will make it easier for companies to save the content of their meetings in the cloud. For example, they will have an automatic recording and transcription system for meetings, so that all members can reproduce or review conversations or content.

On the other hand, the possibility of translations of messages in different languages ​​will also be added, when using channels or chat. So users with different languages ​​can easily communicate with this dynamic.

They also plan to integrate Cortana, to enhance the workflow. Using the wizard, users can join a meeting, add other members, or make a call, even if they only work with enabled devices.

In addition, different details have been taken into account to improve the atmosphere in the meetings and the impression given by the attendees. For example, blurring the background is allowed in video calls, so that the focus is on the user only. And attendees can share photos, videos or screen from their mobile devices.

An interesting set of novelties will be deployed during 2018.

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