Microsoft Teams will allow you to combine two active calls

Microsoft Teams will implement a feature known from Skype for Business that will make it easier for users to combine up to two active calls.

A simple dynamic to bring together members of different ongoing calls, saving time and many headaches.

This dynamic works in different contexts. For example, one individual call and one group call, or two individual calls. So if a client calls when you are on a call with your work team, you can combine the two calls and improvise a meeting. One detail to keep in mind is that this system works for both VOIP and PSTN calls.

This feature is currently under development. According to Microsoft’s development path, this feature will be released globally in August. This is an important advance for Microsoft as it is showing its business users that its new tool can be as powerful as Skype for Business Online.

Combining calls is one of the characteristics that users and companies request the most in forums, as it contributes to communication and effective teamwork. So Microsoft has one less obstacle to convincing organizations to opt for Teams.

In the last few months, Microsoft Teams received many updates to improve its dynamics and adapt to the needs of users during the pandemic. Many of the enhancements have focused on video calling capabilities and features, but there are also a number of new features that streamline teamwork.

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