Microsoft to offer free tools and training to develop digital skills

Microsoft announced a new initiative that aims to help users find work in this new economic landscape due to the coronavirus crisis.

To do this, implement a program to help users develop digital skills or improve their skills to enhance their job opportunities. A learning system that promises to help 25 million people around the world.

A program that will be carried out in collaboration with LinkedIn and GitHub, since it will depend on different facets, which include training, tools and certifications. First, they will identify the most in-demand skills in today’s market using Microsoft and LinkedIn data and technology, as well as statistics on industry trends, top job titles, top hiring companies, among other data.

Statistics that correspond to more than 180 countries and that are updated in real time in the interactive graph of LinkedIn. They will also analyze who are the most vulnerable users in this new economy to provide the necessary tools for their training and insertion in the labor market.

And to help users develop these skills or learn new competencies, release the related Learning Paths shared on LinkedIn Learning for free until March 2021.

For example:

And the same dynamic applies to GitHub Learning Lab and Microsoft Learn, which will be available to interested users. In addition to all the digital content that will be updated for user learning, Microsoft will also give grants to different non-profit organizations for a total value of $ 20 million.

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