Microsoft will allow you to create workspaces in your web browser

Microsoft is working on a new option that will make it easier to manage multiple tabs in your browser without posing a problem.

This new dynamic follows the same line that Google Chrome already implements with its group system, but with some extras.

New system to organize open tabs in Microsoft Edge

Although Microsoft Edge already has some options that allow us to manage the open tabs, the new proposal aims to provide you with a more organized system. Yes, a dynamic similar to the groups that allows creating Chrome with those tabs that we want to keep together under the same theme.

In Edge’s case, they plan to call them Workspaces so that they function as virtual desktops. In each workspace, you can group all the tabs you want, assign a name and a color. And following that dynamic, you can create as many spaces as you want.

To access all the spaces that we have created, we will only have to click on a new icon that will be added to the web browser. So you can switch between one workspace and another without problems. And an interesting detail is that all the spaces will remain in the browser, regardless of whether you log out, so that you can resume them at any time.

So if you are doing research work on the web, you can apply this dynamic to separate all query web pages in an organized way. And if you combine this dynamic with the rest of the functions that Microsoft’s browser already offers, you will have a practical system to apply in work sessions.

At the moment, this new dynamic of workspaces, created from tabs, is being tested in the Canary version of Microsoft Edge. But if you want to see how this system works, you can take a look at the screenshots and GIFs shared by a user on Reddit that show these Workspaces in detail.

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