Microsoft Word has a new comment system for collaborative works

The Microsoft team announced a new dynamic for collaborative commenting in the desktop version of Word.

This new system follows a similar dynamic to Google Docs that allows annotations to be left on documents without interfering with the text, and they are visible to all participants.

Users can choose to have two comment views. On the one hand, they can have the main view of your comment section with all those that are still pending. And on the other hand, all the comments that have been added to the document.

This offers a more organized way to annotate and comment on collaborative documents. We already know that fixes in collaborative jobs seem endless, and if a system is not followed they can cause delays and confusion.

With the new dynamic in Word, users can hide comments with comments and questions already resolved. In this way, they will not appear in the main view and only those that need attention will remain. So at a glance, users can see what comments or updates they need to focus on.

And if for some reason you want to review the comment history, you can change the view to see the comment panel. And of course, the rest of the options that allow other team members to be included in the comments through the mentions are still available.

When we do this, Word automatically sends a notification to the user about this update on the shared document. For now, this new comment dynamic is available only to users participating in the Word for Windows beta programs. So we will have to wait for it to be implemented in some of its stable versions.

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