mightybell, the social media creator, now integrates with slack

Mightybell is a famous platform that we can use to create our thematic community, a system that takes several years allowing the creation of mini-social networks among its users, networks that deal with specific topics and that helps to discuss issues of all kinds among a limited group. of people.

This application, with a web and mobile version, which allows us to install it on our own domain, offers free plans for those who are just starting out, but if the created social network begins to grow a lot, and users decide to professionalize the subject, they can choose to pay a monthly payment and have access to resources that can transform the community into a business.

With thousands of communities already available, it was just missing one small detail: improving the tools used to moderate comments and feed the information, and that's what they present now with the Slack integration.

Half the world already knows Slack, the chat system that we use at work, with our friends, with the community of neighbors … integrating something so well-known to your platform increases the possibilities, the rate of updating and the dynamics of conversations.

Managing mightybell with Slack, without a doubt one of the best ideas of the week.

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