Millions of free academic publications on the Internet

Since its creation, the Internet Archive has been a website that has offered people the opportunity to access content of all kinds (images, audio, video) for free, adding new material to its collection every week.

In this way, the Internet Archive is presented as a very useful platform for learning, an aspect that will be further enhanced thanks to the inclusion of Internet Archive Scholar, a search engine with which users will have access to millions of academic documents from different branches and specialties.

Arisen as an initiative between in conjunction with other organizations, Internet Scholar Archive has been developed in several languages, including Spanish, made up of more than 25 million publications of scientific and academic documents.

And while there is still work to be done in some functions, the Internet Archive Scholar has exclusive material, such as a collection of original documents from the 18th century. When searching for documents on this platform, users can do so by titles, authors or keywords.

Once the content has been found, the user may have the opportunity to choose the way in which they wish to view it, which can be online or downloaded in PDF format, also having links that will direct them to the editors of the works.

And the amount of material present in Internet Archive Scholar is so vast that you will require considerable time to explore it. It is likely that later on this platform will be integrated tools that optimize the search for the information present there and make it even easier for the user to access it.

In this way, the Internet Archive Scholar is a valuable means of ensuring the preservation of important scientific material and its availability to the public.

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