mimesys, to create 3D models of anyone

If you are developing a virtual reality application to use it on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or any other device in this category, take a look at mimesys.

It is a project that offers a development kit (SDK) so that we can record, using Kinect V2 or RealSense R200, anyone we want. The goal is to streamline development with realistic three-dimensional elements, and capturing our friend, family member or ourselves in 3D to include them as characters in our applications is definitely a good idea.

The system allows exporting the result in various ways, including taking it directly to, where they already have a page with some of the models created.

On its website, has more information about the model capture process, as well as links to download the SDK and start programming using the cameras indicated above.

Mimesys also has some demos on YouTube, as in the video that we leave you below, a demo that needed 68 cameras to perform:

The possibilities in the world of VR apps are enormous, but they are also enormous in the world of communication. It won't be long before solutions like Skype integrate similar functions to talk to another person as if they were in our room.

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