Mission Control, a new control panel for developers on Twitter Fabric

Taking into account the growing number of mobile applications that are under development, from Twitter Fabric they want to offer developers a more efficient way to monitor the performance of all of them directly with all the information they need at all times.

That is why they have created Mission Control, a new control panel that will reach the developer accounts over the next few days as the default home page in, although they can deactivate it and return to the situation. above, as desired.The idea of ​​Mission Control is to enable developers to see the performance of all their applications in a simple and unified way, allowing them to observe the critical aspects that may affect some of them at some point. Developers can choose to either directly see the critical aspects that are affecting some of them or access a summary of the performance of all of them.

They can also reorder the order of how the applications are displayed within Mission Control, taking into account that the information of the same is offered through cards, and they can even set some of them by adding them as favorites to have them always in view in successive sessions, taking into account that Missin Control is sorting the cards of the applications based on those that have been visited recently. Those applications that are not in view will be accessible through the search function

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