MIT creates system to better detect digital attacks

Good news now comes from MIT for everyone fighting cyber attacks.

It is a system, created by the CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab) (CSAIL), from MIT, which mixes human action (manual detection of these attacks following certain rules) with the action of machines (automatic algorithms that often say that there is an attack when there is not).

It's actually a pretty serious problem, mainly in a world where the social web is capable of taking thousands of visits to a web page in a few seconds, causing many systems to confuse it with an attack, for example, and start blocking legitimate visits.

Now they have created an artificial intelligence system that offers data that must be monitored by analysts, responsible for the classification and the final decision. The system in question can detect 85% of attacks (three times more than the rest) and is learning as it is used, according to Kalyan Veeramachaneni, one of the main responsible for the study.

In the article, explained in the video below, they show enough technical details about its inner workings, although now we will have to wait for it to be transformed into commercial software.

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