MIT Offers Free Online Course on Artificial Intelligence

Rare is the day when we do not talk about Artificial Intelligence, and rare is also when we do not comment on any new discovery or project led by MIT, which is why it is worth highlighting a free online course that the Institute offers for free. : Artificial intelligence.

Available on the course platform of said Institution (in capital letters), it has several videos, also available on YouTube, and support material, as well as exercises of various kinds.

The course was taught at MIT in 2010, and is comprised of 30 lectures that introduce students to the representation of basic knowledge, problem solving, and learning methods of artificial intelligence. It includes interactive demonstrations designed to help students learn how artificial intelligence methods work in a variety of circumstances.

The objective of the course is to teach how to develop intelligent systems by assembling solutions to concrete computational problems, understand the role of knowledge representation, problem solving and learning in intelligent systems engineering, and appreciate the role of problem solving, vision and language in understanding human intelligence from a computational perspective.

The teacher is Patrick Henry Winston, and the textbook, available on Amazon, was written by Professor Winston, as indicated by openculture.

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