Mixaba, bringing speed-dating to video calls

Mixaba brings an interesting proposal to the world of video calls with a similar operation to the well-known speed-dating. The best thing is that this service It works directly from the web browser, it is completely free, you do not need to download applications, and it is not even necessary to have a user account, except for the person who is going to create the parties, becoming the host of them.

The mechanics are very simple: the host creates a party, and during the process establishes the name of the party, the secret code (optionally), and set a time interval of 1 to 15 minutes to perform the rotation of members between the different groups, and the maximum number of participants in the groups, which can be from two to four.

Once the party has been created, you must share its link among your contacts so that each of them can enter. As they enter, they will automatically become part of small groups of people, which will be located in different rooms.

Each time the time interval passes, the contacts will rotate between groups. The idea is that the participating people can get to know other people more closely, in a personalized way, avoiding that the crowds of people in the video call prevent them from knowing the participant poo better.

Although Mixaba can focus on the world of leisure through video calls, It can also be used in the business environment as work sessions, also taking advantage of the free platform that, as we say, works directly from the web and without the need for applications.

The registration process is quite fast, using a short form (it does not depend on external identity providers), and once registered, the host will be able to start creating their own parties, aided by a simple interface in which it is barely necessary. necessary a learning curve.

Now you just have to try this interesting application, which is also one of the many video calling tools that are coming out this year.

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