Mmhmm, a tool designed to make your Zoom calls more fun

It seems that Phil Libin, former CEO of Evernote, a Silicon Valley-based software company, has decided to focus his efforts on business software with the launch of a virtual camera that can be used with applications such as Zoom, Google Meet and YouTube and whose functionalities are expected to revolutionize video communication.

Designated as mmhmm, a name that could be considered a joke, this tool has received an amount of 4.5 million dollars in financing from Sequoia Capital.

And it is that, through it, users may have the opportunity to transform the room or any other environment from where the video call is being carried out in a virtual stage, thanks to the wide variety of virtual funds it has, both fixed as animated.

What can be done with Mmhmm

But the magic of mmhmm does not end here, since the true potential of this tool lies in the way it allows the user to easily manipulate slides, as well as backgrounds and even their own image, whether it is an informal video call or one of a business nature.

Through a simple movement made on the trackpad you can move the image of your face on the screen, reduce it, enlarge it or disappear it completely. In addition, you can have the possibility to give your image a grainy and opaque blue appearance as if it were a Jed hologram.

With a single touch you can advance the slides that appear and place them on your shoulder. Added to this, you can link up with other mmhmm users in case you have a desire to create a joint presentation.

Added to this, mmhmm offers you the opportunity to create interactive presentations. This is how a video recorded with this application can be later reproduced as a movie to which the user can click on the slides to control actions such as advancing in the presentation, enable or not the presenter and his audio or, stop the presentation to appreciate closer to a relevant slide.

Potential for mmhmm in the future of video calling

Mmhmm ​​is a product with options that could be interesting for youtubers or anyone who enjoys giving a touch of entertainment to their conversations through Zoom.

Those who wish to acquire the beta version of mmhmm will only be able to do so through an invite for MacOS Catalina. The rest of users with mobile devices and Windows computers will have to wait a few more months to be able to access the functionalities of this tool.

Mmhmm ​​represents the result of AllTurtles, a digital studio founded by Libin in 2017 after leaving Evernote and serving a stint as a venture capitalist.

This project arose in the midst of full-time remote work carried out by Libin and the rest of his colleagues due to COVID-19 who see their inspiration shortened with the videoconferencing options.

For its part, Libin along with other members of the Silicon Valley consider that teleworking will become a trend even after the pandemic recedes considerably and that it is established as the connective tissue between people and companies.

In reference to this, Libin expressed Everybody has to have a video presence now [] We all have to do this now sometime, forever

In the same way that happened with Evernote, Libin points out that it is likely to offer mmhmm to its users under a freemium license in which they will be able to access some features for free while others will have to be acquired for payment.

With all the aforementioned about the capabilities of mmhmm it is possible to visualize a guitar teacher using the playing tool, while a slide shows the tablature of the song.

Another likely use scenario would be a doctor practicing telemedicine with X-rays appearing on their shoulders or financial planners providing guidance to their clients on tax matters by displaying numbers floating nearby.

If you want to obtain more information about the application, enter HERE

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