Mobile Web, closer than ever, Foursquare bets on influence

The staging of the purchase of Motorola by Google is much more than a business move designed to grow the business and much more than the capture of the nearly 20,000 patents, with what this implies, is actually the point starting point for the definitive growth of the Mobile web and his interference in the business world. Although we were clear about the importance of influence, the arrival of Google+ in our lives and its requirements in relation to profiles, has placed us on the path to total connection. And it is precisely about connection, what we do with our clients and the way in which we can make our actions more efficient on the mobile Web that we reflect on. It is more than a reality that mobile browsing differs from classical in the space-time dimension, everything is more dynamic, interactive and changing on the mobile Web. Content needs video as a way to make time more profitable. Is it an appreciation or are people’s learning processes closer to the ability to innovate than to remember? He marketing and mobile advertising taking advantage of resources. The network already provides services that allow the adaptation of our content to mobile format in different languages ​​automatically, which, linked to profiles on social networks based on geolocation, is an inexhaustible source of traffic capture and satisfaction of needs.

Another not minor aspect, educate and train

The emergence and brightness that surrounds social networks often make us forget that they are instruments and it depends on how we use them to make our actions more or less efficient. We must know in depth what the mobile Web is like in order to identify the areas that we need to improve, as well as outlines the added value of our brand in the ubiquitous world of mobility.Advertising for our business, advertising on social networks such as Foursquare allows us to make our actions online and involves attracting a large number of potential customers to our business, this is one of the most efficient ways to carry out an advertising campaign on the mobile Web.

The Power of Foursquare

Such is the amount of information that underlies the interaction of users and so much its penetration in relation to the increase of the mobile Web that Foursquare does not stop innovating in order to consolidate itself as the most suitable platform for local businesses to carry out their campaigns. advertising and marketing. An aspect not minor if we take into account that in the new economy the micro-entrepreneur concept acquires a superlative relevance. Foursquare launches its lists, where social SEO actions combined with adequate and correct information management, allows us access information and respond to our needs simultaneously.

Conclusions, exposure and influence

In accordance with the new slogan of the network, the influence is who determines the classification and the importance that has been imposed with the arrival of Google+, Foursquare achieves with this new functionality, to take a step forward in the quality that underlies the proper use of the information to which we have access.Marketing and mobile advertising, based on the location and counting on the specific weight of the influence.

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