monstermashmovies, for horror movie fans

Horror cinema has an enormous amount of jewels in its database, almost as many as terrible failures hidden behind pretty and creepy cards.

Zombies, vampires, ghosts and spirits in general, monsters, murderers … what for one is terror, for others it is a joke, what for one is suspense, for another it is humor, in horror movies, as in many other categories, There is no 100% good title, there are styles, and each viewer is better suited to one or the other.

That is why it is worth taking a look at, a horror movie recommendation website that uses a rather smart system: it mixes the algorithms already used by movie stars: Netflix, hulu, google play, youtube … We just have to indicate a title that we liked and we will thus obtain others with a high probability of success.

If one of the databases does not usually give us good results, we can filter by the source, only paying attention to Netflix, for example. In fact, the recommended titles are available in those applications, although most are only in the United States.

Of course, it is not infallible. When searching for Mama, she recommends The Babadook, which is not bad, but also includes Amityville II in the package …

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