Moovit launches its chatbot for Facebook Messenger

It was a matter of time that some platforms on the Internet bet on creating their own chatbots to have them on those messaging platforms that have support for them. Moovit, the application that offers us information on the different types of public transport that we can use depending on the destination indicated from our mobile devices, launches its own chatbot for the Facebook messaging platform, Facebook Messenger.

As explained in their announcement, their chatbot supports questions and requests related to travel planning, although that is for the moment, it only accepts them in English although they intend to incorporate support for other additional languages ​​in the near future. Users will only have to indicate the destination, the place where they are and the date in order to receive the routes of the public means of transport they can choose.Taking into account its recent launch and the little experience it has to date, its operation is not very correct to say, or in other words, its operation is still very green, although it is expected that over time it will improve by offering better Responses to users, especially as more users use it.

In this way, Moovit wants to take advantage of the boom in chatbots that occurs at a time of growth in messaging services to be present even for those users who do not want to install their mobile application, thus being able to allow users to establish conversations with their contacts uninterruptedly and offer the information they need depending on the destinations they want to go to.

It is likely that from now on we will have to get used to the appearance of chatbots from different platforms and known services. Those who want to use the Moovit chatbot can follow this link or search for Moovit directly from Facebook Messenger.

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