More mask scams on Amazon

During the pandemic, millions of people search for masks on Amazon, and many of them have ended up paying incredibly inflated prices for defective products.

This is the case of 3M masks, sold by third-party companies for prices 20 times higher than the official ones.

Although Amazon has promised vigilance against third-party price increases since COVID-19 reached global pandemic status, in this case it has been 3M itself that has sued sellers who were charging hugely inflated prices for damaged products or counterfeit.

3m indicates that some sellers offered 3M N95 masks, but buyers, in addition to paying up to 20 times more, received counterfeit, defective, damaged or all three items.

Amazon, on the other hand, has blocked the accounts of such sellers on its platform, although the lawsuit continues its course.

These N95 masks have become an object of desire for many, since they are not only capable of filtering very small particles, being effective for droplets, they can also filter more than 95% of large and small air particles.

Amazon indicates that they have participated in the lawsuit, since they are concerned with counterfeiting or price increases in their online store and believe it is important to hold these bad actors responsible.

On the one hand, it is essential that 3M is attentive to this issue, but it would also be a detail that buyers who have the counterfeit product are compensated in some way.

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