More than 200 free courses for workers and the unemployed

There are many educational platforms that offer free programs for users around the world. And there are also local initiatives that take into account the needs of their citizens, such as the SEPE proposal with more than 200 free online courses for those residing in Spain.

These courses are designed for freelancers and those users who are unemployed or affected by an ERTE. A variety of topics are included in these educational programs to improve skills in different disciplines or learn a new trade.

For example, if you are interested in graphic arts you will find options such as:

  • Multimedia Editorial Product Design Course

It has a 110-hour program that analyzes the process applied in multimedia graphic design, as well as the methodologies and tools involved in its development.

Or if you are thinking of launching an online venture, you can take this option into account:

  • Online business course and electronic commerce

This course lasts 80 hours and teaches how to develop an e-commerce plan taking into account different factors.

Educators will also find courses focused on improving their teaching skills, for example:

  • Management course and practical methodology of e-learning in Moodle
  • Programming course and robotics in the classroom
  • Course on the Application of digital tools in educational innovation

There are also courses focused on hotels and tourism, telecommunications, finance, economics, health, among other sectors. To take one of these courses, it is necessary to register using the form found in the file of each program, and then inform yourself about the documentation necessary to enroll.

To see the entire catalog of available courses offered by SEPE, it is necessary to enter the Free Courses platform and take a look at those listed in Coremsa Formacin.

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