More than 500,000 requests to prevent Facebook from launching the functionality that listens from the mobile

A few days ago we told you that Facebook is preparing a new function so that, from its mobile application, it is possible to identify the music we are listening to or the movie we are watching, thus facilitating updates on our type page. enjoying music X.

Similar to what it does ShazamThis functionality captures the sound when the user prepares to update its status, sending said content to Facebook’s servers to search for matches with its music and movie database. When a match is found, the title is displayed in the corresponding text section.

Although at the moment it will only be available on the mobile version of Facebook in the United States, from Australia they have begun to worry a lot about the situation. They indicate on that in a few hours more than half a million signatures have been collected to prevent Facebook from launching the function, since listening to the sound from the mobile phone that surrounds the user can be a serious threat to their privacy.

There are currently 560,000 requests on, quickly reaching the goal of 750,000 defined.

Facebook defends itself by saying that they are far from interested in capturing user conversations, as the goal is only to search for music and movie matches, thus ensuring that there is nothing to fear when it comes to privacy.

In the video below you can see the operation of this controversial Shazam for Facebook, let’s hope that, in fact, it is not used for other purposes that reduce the terrorist danger in the world:

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