Mozilla presents Firefox Reality, its cross-platform web browser for mixed reality

Despite the fact that virtual reality and augmented reality headsets already have their respective web browsers, Mozilla has wanted to launch its own web browser for these types of devices.

Is about Firefox reality, a mixed reality web browser designed to be transparent, fast and focused on privacy, being able to run in the future on a wide variety of platforms and devices.

In this regard, Firefox Reality is completely open source, just like Firefox that we all know, and designed from scratch with respect for users' privacy in mind.

In this way, Mozilla takes a step forward imagining the immersive web-based world to exist in a few years, under the belief that mixed reality will be based on experience and not on applications, and that it will adapt the experiences that are offers users as mixed reality continues to evolve, bearing in mind that it is currently an emerging technology of which there are many questions that will be answered over time.

It should be noted that Mozilla was one of the participants in the creation of WebVR, an open standard to make virtual reality accessible to users through current web browsers, both desktop and mobile, where in fact, it has allowed Firefox to be the first desktop browser to officially count on it.

For now, Firefox Reality is compatible with HTC Vive helmets, although Mozilla is adding support so that it can be available in other helmets on other platforms, such as Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR, among others.

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