MSN returns with new website and apps for iOS and Android

MSN returns with new website and apps for iOS and Android

Curious renaissance that has started Microsoft. The MSN brand, which previously represented all of the company’s efforts related to the Internet and entertainment, had been out of favor for a few years now, first Windows Live and then Bing. In fact, the latter has become integrated into many company services, including Windows. However, now that Microsoft wants to focus on the mobile and web market (in that order), it has taken the opportunity to resurrect the MSN brand not only with a new website, but also with apps for iOS and Android.

A web classic returns

The new page will be the center of everything, since it has not only been completely renovated, but also takes care of hosting our preferences and synchronizing them with all the MSN apps we use. The redesign, which at the moment we can see at, grab elements of the Metro interface presented in Windows 8, maintaining the structure of the news + services page that has characterized it for decades. Thus, on the cover we will have access to news of different caliber depending on the size of the grid, just as in Windows we can have apps that take up more space on the interface than others; the content is customizable and we can leave only the sections that interest us the most. At the top we can easily reach other Microsoft services such as Outlook email, Office, or OneDrive storage, in addition to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Of course there is no lack of Bing search that dominates the entire page.

There was a time when MSN was very successful because it was the default page in Internet Explorer. Now that Microsoft cannot depend on it alone to be successful, it has decided to improve the web and the result is quite good; It can be a perfect home page for our browser, especially if we use Microsoft services. But this rebirth will not stay here, since so-called Bing apps available on Windows Phone and Windows will be renamed to MSN apps; From news to time to financial and travel information, these apps will also come to iOS and Android and sync with the MSN website.

Source | Microsoft | Preview of the new MSN

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