myappconverter, to go from Objective-C to Swift or Java

Objective-C has been used to program applications for iPhone or iPad for a long time, until Apple introduced its new programming language, Swift, and changed the rules of the game.

Meanwhile, android programmers have several options, such as using Java, for example, one of the main solutions that can be transformed into a flexible and complete app.

That does not leave Objective-C programmers in a very good position, it is necessary to recycle, and Swift seems like an excellent option, even in google they are considering the possibility of using Swift (which is OpenSource) so that it is possible to create android apps with it. .

To help with these migrations, we have, a simple application that transforms blocks of code from one language to another. In this case it converts Objective-C to Swift or Java, allowing codes of up to 2000 characters.

It is important to note that programming in a specific language is much more than knowing syntax differences. This application only helps in the way of writing the commands, but it does not have any type of intelligence that allows you to take advantage of the use of one or the other language.

So we are talking about a resource that can help us save time, not a system capable of creating the Android version of an iPhone app programmed in Objective-C. We are still a long way from having such tools on the market.

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