Mycook Touch, the Taurus kitchen robot, with a touch screen and step-by-step recipes

More and more technological solutions come to our kitchen to facilitate certain tasks and provide us with new experiences.

Within this spectrum, kitchen machines appear as an alternative with a growing acceptance in recent years. And it was to be expected, since an appliance with the ability to help a person without experience in the kitchen to succeed in his mission can hardly go unnoticed.

The usefulness of a kitchen robot

Due to the accelerated rhythms of life that many people have had to adopt due to their routines, dedicating time to the kitchen is not always a priority option, due to fatigue or lack of time.

Also, there is no lesser share of people who, for an unimaginable number of reasons, do not know how to cook or do not feel a greater interest in honing their cooking skills beyond the essential and common.

These two cases represent potential niches, not exclusive, of use for an appliance of this category. Technically, beyond the eventualities described, a kitchen machine can be useful for anyone who needs to buy time or an extra helping hand in the kitchen.

Transversal processes to many types of recipe, such as kneading, grinding, sautéing, grating or other similar ones, can be streamlined thanks to these devices.

Mycook Touch, a complete kitchen robot

The Mycook Touch kitchen robot brings together all the functions and advantages that are needed in a device that is capable of processing and cooking food. Thanks to this device, it is possible to prepare various dishes in a very simple way, even without mastering advanced cooking skills. The experience of using this robot is friendly with users of a wide range of experience levels, as it has a touch panel that allows you to read the recipes you want to prepare, with step-by-step instructions, without having to configure the variables in it. visual recipe mode. Although also, if you prefer to do without the guides, you can cook manually with this robot.

At the presentation level, the Mycook Touch kitchen robot shines with a modern design, with elegant finishes, at the height of a high-end appliance like this one. The main structure of this robot is coated with high resistance metallic gray paint and its accessories (jugs, blades and others) consist of stainless steel parts. These make it possible to dispense with other external tools, as the robot is capable of cook, fry, steam, boil, knead, chop, grind and emulsify food.

Thanks to the design and accessories of Mycook Touch, it is possible to cook on three levels, in the jug, in the basket and in the steamer that has a capacity of 45 liters.

Currently, the Mycook Touch kitchen robot is the only robot that uses induction heating, a condition that gives it the ability to reach a maximum temperature of 140C, making this a very versatile alternative.

The success of the implementation of a recipe lies in the precision with which the indications presented are followed. In this regard, respecting the dosage of the ingredients is a very important aspect to attend to when cooking.

To maintain control over the amounts to be used of each ingredient, the Mycook Touch robot has a built-in scale, with tare function and with an accuracy of 5 grams.

At the connectivity level, this robot is can connect to Wi-Fi networks to directly access the content that you can display through your 7-inch touch screen. Thanks to its ability to connect to the cloud, the Mycook Touch robot can interact and synchronize data with other smart devices, from the mobile phone, app and computer.

Over 13,000 free and growing prescriptions

At the disposal of those who own a Mycook robot, a catalog with more than 13,000 recipes is available, available to be consulted free of charge.

This list is subject to constant growth, as it is maintained by a large community of users, owners of this kitchen robot. It is the Mycook Club, a free access platform, where anyone can contribute by providing their own recipes. It is also possible to participate in the platform with other kinds of interactions: evaluating recipes, to contribute references to other users, or saving them to review them later.

It is important to bear in mind that in this extensive digital cookbook you can find a wide variety of recipes, capable of satisfying the most diverse culinary requirements. This includes the presence of alternatives for diets with certain restrictions (gluten-free, dietary, egg-free, lactose-free, vegan or vegetarian options, etc.), as well as dishes for special occasions (dinners, cocktails, celebrations, etc.) ). Also, another fundamental detail when evaluating what to cook is its nutritional contribution and Mycook Touch, facilitates this task by providing a complete file next to the recipes.

The Mycook app

Something that cannot be missed is that Mycook has a mobile application, available for iOS and Android. From this platform, you can interact with your kitchen robot by sending recipes from your phone, build the shopping list for the chosen recipe, receive notifications about the steps to follow when executing the recipe and communicate with the Mycook Club community, among other functions. You can get it for free from the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android).

Mycook touch is a very powerful tool to incorporate into kitchen appliances. Only a device of this level is capable of safely offering the possibility of preparing a meal in a simple way, without demanding large amounts of time. Simply enter the ingredients, select the processing time, the temperature and the speed of the process, to begin cooking with a comfort that can make the experience pleasant even for the less experienced cooks.

You can review all the details about the Mycook Touch robot and access your purchase on its website. Shortly we will have a video on our channel presenting the appliance in detail.

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