MyCook Touch Vs Thermomix Which is better?

The world of kitchen robots is really exciting. These devices are capable of transforming a denial in the kitchen into a chef, since some of them have recipes that can be made almost automatically, following instructions and pressing the next button.

In the same way that millions of people are passionate about the evolution of mobiles, something logical if we take into account the number of hours we use a mobile device throughout the day, others are passionate about the world of kitchen robots, and I have to admit that this passion is being born within me.

The fact is that I have been testing various models for several months, from the Cecotec mambo to the Lidl mambo, already out of the market, through the Thermomix or the Taurus MyCook Touch. Now I am in a position to give my opinion on the subject …

Thermomix or MyCook Touch

Of all the ones I have tried, I am going to comment on the two best, the two high-end in the sector that have convinced me the most.

They are two excellent devices, and I have managed to make incredible recipes with both without having a clue of cooking. But each one has its pros and cons, starting with the fact that the MyCook Touch is currently worth half the Thermomix.

The MyCook Touch has excellent materials, and the mobile app contains thousands of recipes that can be found simply by searching for ingredients that we have at home. Your scale is very accurate, and the following tutorials are very intuitive.

The Thermomix, although now around 1000 euros, is still at the top of the category. The device is excellent, but having to pay a monthly fee to access the recipe database is a drawback that the competition can take advantage of.

Let’s see the pros and cons that I have found in each model:

MyCook Touch

With this video you can see the main features. Let’s now look at the advantages and disadvantages.


– Its price is half that of the Thermomix. In this link you can see it with the existing coupons applied. – The recipes are free, they are available in the MyCook app, and there are about 13,000 of all kinds. – The material is stainless steel. – The jug is very easy to clean. If we remove the blades, it is a normal steel jar, it does not have any electronics or anything that cannot get wet. – It has a WiFi connection and the recipes can be found both from the robot and from the app, being possible to send the recipe from the app to the MyCook Touch.


– You have to have practice to put the mixing paddle correctly. If you don’t, the jug will move violently and the lid may come off. – The jug is heated by induction, so be careful when touching it while cooking. – Many of the recipes are created by the users, and some of them are not well explained, so it is important to go to the ones with the most stars or those created by MyCook.

Thermomix TM6

The video is longer, it is more of a debate than a review, almost, but you can easily see its advantages. Let’s now look at the advantages and disadvantages summarized.


– Their recipes are very well analyzed, it’s hard to find a bad one. – The user interface is more intuitive than MyTouch. – I have never seen the jug vibrate excessively.


– It is more expensive, twice as much, since it exceeds 1200 euros.– It is more difficult to clean.– There is more plastic (the Mycook has stainless steel accessories) .– The recipes require additional subscription for payment.


Both are excellent investments, mainly for those who do not have much experience in the kitchen and want to make decent dishes, but at the moment they will not bet on the Thermomix due to its price. If the MyCook Touch coupons disappear in the future and the price is balanced, the conclusions will also change, of course.

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