Myheritage and its family tree editing and management functions

During the last few weeks, you have been hearing a lot about Myheritage, a company that we have been talking about for more than 10 years, specializing in the creation and management of family trees. It was created in 2003, and the first time we talked about it was in this article from 2005 (almost 16 years ago), when they presented an application that took our photo and told us how famous we looked like.

That is to say, 15 years ago, before social networks, when everything was still in its infancy, Myheritage already knew how to create viral apps, it already knew how to draw attention to its service with functions that, initially, seemed not to have much relation to what they did.

Now it is Deep Nostalgia’s turn, but, as we discussed in this video, there is much more behind the company:

As you can see, they even do DNA tests to learn more about our ancestors, fix photos, color photos in Black and White … all as satellite apps to focus on the heart of your business, family trees.

It is an example of how an app with a very specific use can attract worldwide attention by creating viral apps. They are surely one of the platforms that have more old photos in their database, and this material can be very useful to trace the recent history of humanity, step by step, generation after generation, and now with videos instead of photos.

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