NASA creates and presents its Tumblr profile

NASA does not want to leave any corner of the social web unexplored, and now it is the turn of Tumblr.

They just announced their profile on, a website where they will post anything from animated gifs to day-to-day photos, including images captured by astronaut Peggy Whitson, who is training for a six-month mission at the Station. International Space and dedicate your profile to explain it in detail.

These profiles will not be the only official ones of the organization, we will have, in, content related to Jpiter (both images of amateur astronomers and the JUNO mission), and in the Curiosity rover will share the engineering , science and some selfies from the surface of Mars.

There are many channels in which the NASA agency is present, you can see them all at, and the effect that their publications have on different social networks is very great, which is why it is logical that they continue betting on the creation of more profiles, even if the content is repeated in each one of them.

At the moment, on his new tumblr, we already have a good gif of the dark side of the moon, as well as our favorite vehicle on Mars.

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