NASA invents a device that remembers not to touch your face

In these times touching your face is a risk. No matter how much we wash our hands, there is always the possibility that we have a virus on our fingers due to rubbing with an infected surface, and touching the face immediately afterwards can end very badly for many.

The point is that touching your face is a difficult habit to break, so NASA set out to invent a solution.

He has created a portable device that alerts users when they are about to touch their faces. It is a kind of round pendant that is worn around the neck, and when we raise our hands towards the head, it vibrates, reminding us that it is not recommended.

It is a hepatic feedback system that simulates a thrust with vibrations, as can be seen in the video:

Its name is PULSE, and it is neither elegant nor discreet. They don’t actually sell the device, but the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory made the building instructions available online, in case we want to make one at home.

They want companies to be able to create them with a 3D printer, a cable, a motor and other small materials, something cheap, accessible, and that they are willing to make something cheap and beautiful so that people end up using it.

PULSE is made up of simple, low-cost parts placed inside a 3D printed box. To detect movement, it uses an infrared proximity sensor with up to 12 inches of range. Once motion is detected, a vibration motor is activated. The closer the moving hand is, the stronger the vibration.

On the website there is more information, as well as the link to the project code and a PDF with data that helps to its manufacture.

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