NASA successfully tests complex drone traffic management system

Image: Don McCullough from Flickr.

We have already spoken to you before about different projects that highlight the potential of drones. This time we have been struck by the complex test related to the use of drones that NASA has carried out with the collaboration of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) of the United States.

As we have been able to read on the NASA website, the test we are talking about consists of flying 22 drones simultaneously throughout different places (for a period of three hours). As if this were not enough, the test had the participation of dozens of virtual aircraft, a measure that aimed to verify the operation of the drone traffic management system in somewhat more complicated situations.

Despite the success of the test, it is important to note that this is still a system under development. Even so, its improvement could greatly facilitate use in different fields, from agriculture to fire fighting. There is no doubt that we are facing a most interesting event, so we will remain attentive to its evolution.

Source: NASA

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